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In Australian Culture and Society on September 7, 2012 at 5:10 am

I haven’t updated this blog for a few months because, in part, I’ve been traveling and haven’t had the time. In part, I had nothing to say. In part, I was otherwise engaged with my PhD thesis. And also, in part, I needed to sort out some conflicts of interest I had with an employer (hence why a couple of my previous posts remain password protected)*.

Normal transmission shall now return; and, for hereon, in a more relaxed and chatty format. In the past I’ve used this blog mostly as an archive of my published work and as a place to occasionally comment on issues that interest me. From now on, I intend to use this blog to comment more often, on a diverse array of topics (but predominantly arts, literature, politics and society), in shorter posts.

My next post will address the topic of politicians, their use of social media, and my interactions via Facebook with an ACT politician and his deafening silence following my repeat request for information, which, yesterday, let to his even louder silence after one of his ‘friends’ on Facebook referred to me as a ‘borderline apologist for rape’.

More of that story to come.

It’s good to be back!

* I posted some negative/critical comments about an employer on this blog which, needless to say, they were not pleased with. I’m in the right as far as my comments go, but they have the right to be unhappy with me airing them. I no longer work for that employer and the situation with the password protected posts will be rectified soon, along with a full explanation. This will occur, as Kevin Rudd was want to say, “in due season”.

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